Life has changed drastically over the last ten years: adverse environmental conditions (polluted water, smog, increased radiation levels), sedentary lifestyle, "fast food” diet and bad quality of foods, stress and bad habits. This disturbs the balance of the trace elements in the body, which in turn causes the risk of developing various diseases. For example, many people suffer from spinal pain, arthritis, arthropathy and hair loss. Few people know that three of the most important elements that protect our bodies against the development of diseases are copper, zinc and manganese. Without a balance between these elements, it is impossible for the bones and cartilage to develop and self-heal.

We often find ourselves facing a series of pathological conditions affecting healthy organs when following a long-term medication regime. For example, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine causes copper deficiency (anaemia, high cholesterol and damage to the bones and cartilage). Furthermore, treatment is often symptomatic and not pathological. It is therefore necessary to get an adequate diagnosis before treatment, which must definitely include a minerogram (structure of the trace elements in the body), i.e. a full analysis of all the macro and micro trace elements in the body.

As for treatment, it must be effective in order to bring strength and health. As a result, our philosophy on health suggests the following: necessary diagnosis, well-documented study on the history of the disease and test results. At the same time, it would be desirable to correct the trace element imbalance ("diselementoz") in the body by way of natural preparations (food supplements) and recommendations on following a proper diet.

Diagnosis plays an important role, especially in cases of hair loss, skin problems (acne, premature skin ageing, bags and dark circles under the eyes) and especially obesity. In these areas, amazing and steady results can be achieved through the correction of any imbalance in trace elements and in the gut flora of individuals.

Staying healthy and beautiful is simple: Have the necessary blood tests done once a year, even for prevention purposes. Consult one of our Centre's experts. It is far cheaper and more pleasant than suffering from a disease, treating it and having to deal with all its complications.


The TEST process

Mineral Health Assessment | TEST for detecting 70 macro and micro trace elements

It is performed using hair or nails (1mm).

Complete portrait of the 70 macro and micro trace elements in the body and the condition of the body.

Test results:
trace element metabolism disorders, clinical symptoms, health risks, scientific recommendations for additional tests and personal plan for dealing with health problems, with the aim of correcting the metabolism of trace elements through dietary advice, food supplements and herbs.

  • Alternative

  • Treatments

  • Cryomykonos - Κρυοθεραπεία - Θεραπείες - Μύκονος


  • Mykonos

Cryosauna - Thermometer



◆ Activates endorphins

◆ Boosts good psychological condition

◆ Improves memory

◆ Reduces stress


◆ Stimulates the immune system

◆ Improves circulation

◆ Fights inflammations

◆ Fights muscle pains


◆ Reduces cellulite

◆ Controls weight

◆ Produces collagen

◆ Firms the skin