Holistic Treatments

The terms “holism” and holistic come from the Greek word "olon". The term "holistic" describes a new area of medicine that changes our outlook on health as we know it and examines health issues on all levels.
It relies on the fact that man is not just a biological machine made up of different organs, but a multilevel being, a single psycho-organic whole.

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  • Alternative

  • Treatments

  • Cryomykonos - Κρυοθεραπεία - Θεραπείες - Μύκονος


  • Mykonos

Cryosauna - Thermometer



◆ Activates endorphins

◆ Boosts good psychological condition

◆ Improves memory

◆ Reduces stress


◆ Stimulates the immune system

◆ Improves circulation

◆ Fights inflammations

◆ Fights muscle pains


◆ Reduces cellulite

◆ Controls weight

◆ Produces collagen

◆ Firms the skin